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ONETIME iPhone 14 Screen Protector (Case Friendly)

The last thing you want to happen to your brand new iPhone 14 is screen damage!

With the NanoArmour iPhone 14 Plus Screen Protector, we took it one step further. The reinforced design helps protect your iPhone 14 Plus screen from pretty much any bump or drop. Not just impacts, the anti-microbial treatment on it protects your screen from nasty, disease-causing germs & bacteria too.

Even more, our BluShield improves sleep, prevents digital eye strain and headaches, and protects your eyes and skin from harmful blue lights.

Protection doesn’t get in the way of functionality either—the precision touch screen ensures zero blurs or yellow tint with our TruColor technology and ensures maximum touch sensitivity.

  • Maximum Compatibility:   Compatible with Mous, Casetify, Rhinoshied,  FLOLAB, Phone Rebel, Catalyst, Caudabe, and Otterbox.


Compatible with:
● iPhone 14 (6.1 inches)

● iPhone 13/13Pro (6.1 inches)